Rose Star Energy Alignment

My Journey

My name is Lara, I’m a mother of two who pre children worked in food and drink and fashion PR. Fast forward 10 years and I had a successful party and home decor business, but was unfulfilled. 

I was called to study reiki various times before I answered the call and now I want to share the gift of reiki and my empath knowledge with the world.  

In the spirituality space I think it’s important that there is represention for all backgrounds so am passionate that everyone from all walks of life have the opportunity to take part in energy alignment from someone who looks like them. 

I am a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner from the Usui lineage and also a vibrational flower essence practitioner, and sound therapist specialising in West African drumming and have been attuned to The Light of Lemuria. I specialise in distance healing so that I can help as many people around the world as I can. I can also perform in person sessions.

I would love to work with more children and mothers to be in the near future.

My reiki journey is everlasting and I will continue to lead through my clients. Everything I learn moving forward will be passed onto you.

Here’s my journey 


In 2017 I had a breakthrough (some will read as breakdown) during very toxic tumultuous extended family issues around trust, money and boundaries being not respected. Note the themes - they’re important.

I hit rock bottom, and was suffering with anxiety. I’m a naturally giving person who helps people out when they need, but with that comes people expecting you to be there for them and leaning on you, through no fault of their own. This is the way your relationship is, they have no idea you have a problem because you don’t speak up. You continue through it until one day you explode and everyone around you is confused. 

For the people around me I was always the fixer, the make it better-er. I didn’t think about if I wanted to do it, it was more a duty rather than because I wanted to. Until I couldn’t do it anymore - so I stopped. At the same time I was becoming aware of empathic feelings. Everyone around me was dumping their ‘stuff’ energetically on me. All of the conversations my loved ones wanted to have with me were about lack of money, lack of love, feelings of despair and helplessness. 

I moved with this fog through the year and then an acquaintance who could see I was struggling suggested mediation to help with my anxiety. This was a huge help, but still the rest of the fog continued to move with me. At the start of 2018 I came across something called the law of attraction and that’s when everything changed. I became aware of crystals and the book The Secret and began a whole new journey. It was as if every step of the way a new teacher would come into my life and help me step forward with the knowledge of how to identify my emotions and how to protect myself energetically. I used crystals and meditation to create boundaries and the fog began to lift. 


By spring 2018 I realised I didn’t respect my own boundaries. I had started all of these new practices to protect myself but was not putting in into practice with those closest to me. This was a really hard step to undertake because they’ve always know me to be a certain way. I wavered and didn’t fully stand in my truth so lesson kept repeating themselves. Boundaries being pulled on, dutifully performing for friends and family and still not speaking up. I looked for new ways to help with confidence. I went to retreats, I read books, I took meditation really seriously and let my empathic tendencies loose and felt into them. Reiki was something I’d experienced years back and I looked at studying it, but at that point I didn’t take it any further. I became so interested in learning more about the law of attraction, quantum physics, and the generational impacts of trauma, how it affects our adult lives and most importantly through the triggers that came up, how to grow and heal from them. I hired a money coach (she’s so much more than that though) and got to the bottoms a lot of my triggers.


Generation wealth became a theme for me, not just monetary weath but metal too. The generational trauma passed down through the DNA of black people who he had to swallow so much pain without being allowed to acknowledge how it affected them. How trauma affects families and how much mental health plays such an important role in healing. 

I want families to be comfortable talking with their children about how they’re feeling and allowing those feeling to breath and not be stifled.

Birthing Rose Star Energy Alignment

I spent 2018 going through lesson after lesson with this same recurring themes and went into 2019 a lot clearer and reiki came up again. This time I listened to the signs and committed. I studied and qualified to master level and my reiki journey began. 2019 brought its own challenge similar themes to the 

previous two years - as lessons weren’t fully learnt - but my response was different. I was different. I credit the stillness of meditation, journaling and the alignment of energy that reiki provides. 

By no means am I now in 2020 healed, but I’m on the way and I want my journey to help inspire you to do the same.

Why Reiki

I’m a crystal starseed. Rose and Star are my spirit guides showing the way with little nuggets of truth at a time. My mission here on earth is to spread the message of healing and raising consciousness while helping others to learn to heal. As a claircognizance empath the best way for me to help is through energy alignment. Not my own energy, but by channelling reiki and other light energy.

Reiki along with all holistic healing focuses on the whole being not just symptom as western medicine focuses on. If you help to heal the emotional state of the body, the physical can put its energy into healing itself.

I want people, black and POC especially, to feel worthy of healing and to be able to acknowledge that how they feel matters and that being aligned is important.