Rose Star Energy Alignment


Moon Phase Alignment

The moon phase cycle with Lara Rose came at a critical point in my life and at the time of booking it, I wasn't aware! The moon phase cycle assisted me through moving house and starting my own business - just before my solar return.

I could feel the additional support, I had an increase in energy and zeal going through my days. My sleep was a lot more peaceful.

That being said, I wouldn't recommend having the moon cycle offer during such a time of transition as I wasn't able to ground myself/ journal as much as I would've wanted but I will be back for additional healing via Lara Rose.

Her work is such a gift and worth the investment.

Isha, London 

Moon Phase Alignment 

I was new to the practice of long distance reiki and skeptical about the idea.

Lara’s essence, direct easy going and gentle nature made me feel at ease when providing information for my session. 

I must say that after a month I had forgotten the details of what I had asked for but don’t count it as a coincidence that on three occasions, almost everything I had spoken with Lara about came to pass. 

It felt like the things that we discussed just ‘melted’ into my life. I would absolutely recommend her again. 

A lovely natured person who is obviously decorated to the sensitivity of this practice. 

Annabel, London 

Moon Phase Alignment

Thank you for channelling the reiki energy towards me last month. I have to say I felt lighter and a happier recently so all positive energy coming my way has greatly appreciated! 

There were a few time throughout the month that your smiling face popped into my head so that’s gotta mean something! :) 

I think you have such a positive natural spirit and that will be the driving force.

Thank you again for keeping my life in your thoughts and keep smiling!!

Jenna, London 

Distance Reiki Session 

Receiving distance reiki during lockdown was particularly beneficial for me calming some feelings of stress and anxiety. 

I’d previously received reiki in person in the past, so I wondered if the treatment would be just as beneficial. 

I definitely wasn’t disappointed, the energy felt was so strong, it was nourishing and calming! 

I was literally floating for the rest of the afternoon. 

During the treatment I felt like Lara could  of actually been in the same room with me, as the vibes where so high.  

Lara’s warm approach before the treatment made me feel totally relaxed. 

After the treatment we exchanged text on what was felt and I received some brilliant feedback also recommending some remedies I could look in to for further healing. 

I would absolutely recommend Lara for distance Reiki and can not wait for a 1-1 treatment in the future. 

Sam, London 

Distance Reiki Session 

I first saw Lara on an Align, Balance, Calm webinar where she did distance reiki. I was intrigued and signed up with her for a 1-2-1 session and then a group session. I’m brand new to reiki and Lara is a gifted healer who is helping me to heal my physical body and blocked chakras. Give her a try, you won’t regret it.

Keri, London

⁠ Distance Reiki Session 

I recently had a distance Reiki session with the lovely @_lara_roses_star, this was my first Reiki session, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was feeling slightly overwhelmed before the session, which was my main reason to try something new and different to settle my energy.⁠⁠ The session itself felt like a calming meditation. After the session I felt balanced, calm, lighter and could see things with a bit more clarity. Thanks Lara. 

Edna, London

Distance Reiki Session 

My experience with Lara, was so relaxing, within the process and most importantly the treatment. She has such a lovely energy, and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reiki treatment.

Lila, London

Distance Reiki Session

Thank you so much for this, I honestly feel better for it. Emotional but in a good way. 

Maya, London

Full Moon Collective Divine Feminine Reiki (name added for a specific request)

Wow!!!! Honestly I've never experienced anything like that. It was amazing. All of a sudden a gentle music came on with the sound of your voice chanting (it was like you had called) I was levitating up over my bed to the ceiling and I could feel I was being supported (I never feared falling) in a midst of light purples and pinks. I was somersaulted a few times then gently was turned around and laid back gently down on the bed. It was amazing! Thank you so much Lara. Your intentions and gift is SO powerful 

Natalie, London