Rose Star Energy Alignment

Book Your Reiki Session

To book a session please purchase from the listings and then please email with the date and time you require.


Session days vary so please make contact to check availability.



Reiki Moon Phase Cycle alignment (daily energy alignment for a moon cycle month) 

Reiki energy is sent to you daily via distance healing (typically 28 days). You can decide what you want reiki energy to help you with - anxiety, courage, a job opportunity, a loved one needing guidance - and I will channel the energy to you every day for a full moon phase at the same time every day. You do not to do anything during the sessions, you just have to be open to receive.


Each session starts on the new moon and ends last day of the moon phase cycle.




Distance reiki sessions

You do not to do anything during the sessions, you just have to be open to receive. You can go about your day as usual, or at the allocated time, stop, relax light your favourite candle. Take a seat, or lay down and focus on your breath. Remember this can also be booked for someone other than yourself. Please make sure consent has been given.




In person reiki sessions

Limited availability and a pre booking consultation call is required. Please note that not all in person booking will be accepted. I’m a firm believer of people having the right connection in order to work together. 



Reiki for children

Please email to discuss.




Location Reiki experiences

Retreats, store pop ups, location weddings, events and more. Group reiki sessions are available for events. Packages can be tailored to your requirements. Offerings include group sessions, and individual sessions.


Starting from £500 for a maximum of 10 people, for an hour. This does not include other costs such as travel and accommodation if applicable.





Your commitment

Energy work is a gift and your monetary commitment for the work I do is an equal energy exchange and I receive it with love.


With every session I complete the energy exchange goes full circle, and therefore no refunds are given.


Full details regarding this can be found on the form you signed/will sign when booking.


Love Donations  

Everyone should be able to experience the healing energy of reiki. For those who really want to have reiki but are not in a financial position to do so, I offer 4 free sessions per month. If you are in receipt of benefits, a displaced person, single parent or anything else. Please email me to book.