Rose Star Energy Alignment

Joy & Safety Daily Moon Phase Alignment


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  • 1 month
  • 3 months £555.00

With this service, you will receive the equivalent of 7, 30 minute weekly distance reiki sessions over the 4 weeks.

You will get:

- Distance energy alignment sent to you every day for a full 4 weeks
-A weekly check in from me reminding you of what you asked for
A round up email with suggestions on how to keep your vibe high once the work is complete.
- Intuitive Tarot/Oracle card pull for further guidance on how to move forward and any energy shifts you need to make or be aware of

Reiki and light of Lemuria energy is sent to you daily via distance healing. I will channel the energy to you every day for a full moon phase at the same time every day. You do not to do anything during the sessions, you just have to be open to receive.

The way to get the most out of this service is to let me know 555:

5 things you want to dissolve and let go of
5 things you want to try
5 Things that used to bring you joy

Your commitment:
You will need to dedicate an hour a week (min) to complete the work involved. It might feel overwhelming, but writing it out and meditating before journaling will help focus your mind.

Keep your initial requests/desires somewhere visible throughout the moon phase.

Reiki energy transcends space and time, meaning distance reiki doesn’t require you are physically with the practitioner when the session is being carried out.

Each session starts on the new moon and ends last day of the moon phase cycle.

£222- 1 moon phase
£555 - 3 moon phases

Energy work is a gift and your monetary commitment for the work I do is an equal energy exchange and I receive it with love.

With every session I complete the energy exchange goes full circle, and therefore no refunds are given.