Rose Star Energy Alignment

In Person Reiki sessions


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  • 3x 60 minute in person reiki session £270.00
  • 5x 60 minute in person reiki session £400.00

In person reiki sessions
Limited availability and a pre booking consultation call is required.

I’m a firm believer that energy work - especially in person - requires the client and practitioner to have a connection so please do not be alarmed if your session request is rejected.

1 hour in person reiki session
£90 - 1 session ( returning clients only)
£270 3 sessions
£400 - 5 sessions

Your commitment
As a commitment to your healing a booking of 3 sessions is required to fully integrate the healing consecutively (weekly or monthly).

Energy work is a gift and your monetary commitment for the work I do is an equal energy exchange and I receive it with love.

With every session I complete the energy exchange goes full circle, and therefore no refunds are given.

Full details regarding this can be found on the form you signed/will sign when booking.

PLEASE NOTE - punctuality is a respect for the energy exchange. If you for the session at the agreed date/time you will have to book and pay for another session at another date. I will give 10 minutes grace, but this time is still part of your 1 hours session.

To clarify if you are more than 10 minutes late (with out calling ahead) your session will be cancelled and you will NOT be refunded..If you call ahead, the time your session starts will still be the start time.