Rose Star Energy Alignment

Targeted reiki chakra alignment (Distance)



This healing service is for targeted chakra healing. If you know which chakra you need help aligning/unblocking you can say in the notes section at checkout or you can just tell me the issue, and I can determine which chakra it relates too.

Our chakras need to be in alignment in order for our bodies to be in harmony. When they are out of alignment, blockages can occur on a cellular level, and this can result as physical ailments in our bodies.

We are light beings and the light needs to be able to move through our bodies and flow. Blocked chakras make it hard for this to happen.

You will receive

-A distance reiki session targeting 1 chakra
- suggestions on crystals to aid further healing
- Oracle/tarot card intuitive interpretation with guidance
- Flower essence suggestion
- Journal prompt

Reiki energy transcends space and time so you do not have to physically be present during a session.

You do not to do anything during the sessions, you just have to be open to receive. You can go about your day as usual, or at the allocated time, stop, relax light your favourite candle. Take a seat, or lay down and focus on your breath. Remember this can also be booked for someone ofter than yourself. Please make sure consent has been given.

Full instructions will be sent, along with date option.

Your commitment
Energy work is a gift and your monetary commitment for the work I do is an equal energy exchange and I receive it with love.

With every session I complete the energy exchange goes full circle, and therefore no refunds are given.

By purchasing this service, you are giving your consent for reiki energy to be sent to you.

If a session is missed it cannot be refunded or done over.